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Muddy Knees Media was established in the summer of 2017 and has quickly developed into one of the most successful independent podcast production companies in the UK. Its flagship podcast, ‘The Totally Football Show with James Richardson’ was listened to over 33m times in its debut season and its daily World Cup show was reviewed in glowing terms by both The New York Times and The Observer.

Muddy Knees Media currently produces five regular football shows, one wrestling podcast and many new, non-sporting shows are planned for 2019. MKM also produced ‘The Bradley Wiggins Show’ for Eurosport, ‘The Football Manager Files’ for Sports Interactive and there are currently talks with a number of major brands for similarly-minded projects.

Chief Executive Iain Macintosh is a former football writer and broadcaster who left journalism to set up the company in 2017. Ben Green, his fellow director, has over 15 years of experience podcasting and radio production. They are joined in the boardroom by Andy Margolis from Totally Communications, a major international digital agency. Their belief that the podcasting industry was ready to breakthrough into the mainstream has been vindicated by the rapid growth seen across all sectors in the last 18 months.

Podcasts may never replace some aspects of traditional radio, but they do provide a more intimate, targeted listening experience. Shows can be created for specific audiences, rather than being aimed at as broad an audience as possible. Listeners tend to be drawn from high demographic areas, they are aspirational and want to learn (as the success of so many history and self-help podcasts proves) and they are, by nature, early adopters of technology. This means that when new companies emerge with modern sales methods for traditional items (mail order razors, online beer clubs etc), they find an enthusiastic audience in podcasts.

Muddy Knees Media has secured advertising and sponsorship deals with the bookmakers Paddy Power and William Hill; shaving specialists Cornerstone and Harrys; The Economist; and many other firms of varying sizes across a range of genres. These brands know that the shows are put together by the best producers in the business and developed with the modern audience in mind, with a run time that suits the average commute. There’s never been a better time to get into podcasts and there are few production companies more adept than Muddy Knees Media.

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Whatever happens, it is comforting to know that Richardson will be there at the final whistle with his quips and puns to put the whole harrying joy of soccer fandom into perspective and ease the arrival of the footballing winter to come.

The New York Times

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